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MLBB is a game where without the combination of passion and experience, it becomes very difficult to win the game. All the players have to admit that it is difficult to win the game without experience and hard work. But there is an easy way by which you can win the game and the easy way is called the New Box Skin Injector.

 It must be known that there are many features in the game which are not for the use of gamers at all but the players have to pay a lot of money to use these features. And these features are called premium features that you can buy with money. And among these premium features, the most special features are the skins.

It is the wish of every player in the game to use all the premium skins in the game, but the game does not allow this for free. But the New Box Skin Injector APK allows you to do this and you can use all the skins for free. This allows all players to use the premium features of the game for free, meaning that players have access to all the features that they used to have to pay for.

If you are one of those players who were eager to use Premium Skin and who always wanted to use all the skins of the MLBB game, then surely this is a golden opportunity for you. So download this application on your mobile without wasting time and take full advantage of it.

Available Skins

All the in-game skins you will get to use within New Box Skin Injector. With this cheat, injector players can unlock the required skins of the game for free. Bundles of skins and other features are available within this application. if you want to know more about the features the available options within the new Box Skin Injector MLBB APK then you can check the available list of cheats.

Fighter Skins

  • BANE
  • SUN
  • CHOU
  • KAJA
  • RUBY

Assassin Skins

  • LING

Tank Skins


Marksman Skins

  • MIYA

Mage Skins

  • NANA

These are some of the skins that you will get to use with this application. There are so many skins in it that if we start counting them it will take a long time to get an idea of the features inside. If you want to know about all the features in it then you must try it once and then you will have an idea of the features in it.

Things To Know Before Using The Application

There are some things that players must know before using New Box Skin Injector so that they do not face any problems later. Before using this application it is very important to know about this application what it is and why it is made. Before using this application know all the facts about this application to avoid any type of risk.

First of all, you need to understand that this is a cheat tool and it is designed to cheat within the game. But the game doesn’t allow you to use these kinds of tools inside the game, so the game has strictly forbidden this thing. If you want to use this tool cleanly at once so that your gaming account is not compromised, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Use a VPN with this injector to avoid any risk.
  • Use a Virtual Space application.
  • Don’t use the application on your main gaming account.
  • Create a guest account for this injector.

These are some precautions that you have to keep in mind to avoid any kind of risk. After following these instructions, you will surely not have any difficulty and you will be able to take full advantage of it.


Is New Box Skin Injector an Official tool from MLBB?

The new box skin injector is not an official tool from the MLBB Game. it is a third-party tool developed by a third-party developer.

What is the cost of this skin injector?

It is a free of cost injector and you can use it for free of cost.

Is it work with the latest version of the MLBB game?

This injector works perfectly with the latest version of the game so gamers can use it with the recent version of the game.

Final Remarks

New Box Skin Injector APK is the only application that provides you with all the skins for free and allows them to be used in-game. Players can use all skins of the game within the game with the help of this application that too in a single click. If you want an advanced tool then you can try Cyrax Mod APK. so don’t think too much just click on the download button and get the best cheat MLBB injector and enjoy the features.