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Random Dice Mod APK is a classic game developed for Android devices. In the Gameplay, players can test their luck by spinning the dice. In the Gameplay, players have to save their base from the enemies. By spinning the dice, you can make your moves without your opponents.

The main Gameplay is based on fancy dice; players have to spin two dice to test their luck and make the best strategies against their opponents. In the game, multiple dice are given to the players, and players have to choose a die. It is a strategy game where you can use your ablates and skills and test your luck. This game is much more popular in 2023, and from the Play Store, many gamers have downloaded the game and are enjoying the game.

Game Levels

Random Dice Mod APK gameplay is slightly different from other classic games. Players can choose a die in the game and use that dice to serve in the game. Players can change their dice at each level of the game and choose a different one. After completing more levels, you will gain more experience, and each level of the game makes you more powerful. In each next level, your opponents will also become more powerful, and you must make the best deface strategies to survive longer in the game.

Alliance Mode

Random Dice Mod APK has many modes, and players can play by choosing any mode. The alliance mode of the game is one of the best modes. In this mode, players can join other gamers in the match and play a match against other gamers. Gamers can also request their friends and family to join the game. In the game, gamers can make a new alliance and add multiple gamers to make it more fun and make the Gameplay more interesting.

Getting Rewards

In the game, getting rewards will help you to make the base more protective. Rewards will help you to make your dice more powerful, and you can use that power against your opponents. To collect more rewards in the game, you must keep your eye on daily challenges and tasks. You will receive special rewards from the game by completing the given tasks.

Power Of dices

In Random Dice Mod APK, all dices are not the same. Each dice has its unique power, and the gamer must know the power of the selected dice to use it against opponents. Before starting a new game, gamers must select powerful dice to protect their base from opponents. If you protect your base, you use the dice power to destroy your opponent’s base.

Protect Your Base

The game’s main aim is to protect your base from enemies’ attacks and dangerous waves. The main goal is to survive long enough in the game and destroy your opponent’s base. By covering your base and making more cover on your base, you can make your base safe from attacks, and you can survive for long enough.

1v1 Battle

1v1 is one of the most interesting parts of the game; in this mode, players fight one on one. Players try to destroy others’ bases to protect their bases. This is the last man-standing match; the more time you spend in the game to protect your base, the more chances of winning will increase. You can add any random player or request any player to join one on one battle.

Powers In the game

As we already told you, each dice has a special power; players can use that power to defend their territory. In the game, you will have more powers to use against your enemies to destroy their bases. After completing more missions and challenges, you will get magical powers. These magical powers are super awesome; with these powers, you can attack your opponent’s base, and you can easily destroy the base.


You will enjoy the high-quality graphics and best picture quality of the game. The Gameplay is designed just like a real classic game. The looks and each part of the game are more interesting. You will love the Gameplay on an Android phone.

Random Dise Mod APK Gamplay screenshot


Random Dice Mod APK is one of the top trending games for Android phones. Players can refresh their mood with this masterpiece. It is a fully free game, so Android users can spend their time with this game to enjoy better Gameplay. It will give you a better gaming experience, and you will enjoy it. You can also check PK XD Mod APK.