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Playing the Free Fire game is not a difficult task, not everyone can play it, but the biggest difficulty is to win it, not everyone knows how to win. The game requires a lot of effort and can be won through skill and experience. But those players who lack skills and experience are in serious trouble. For those new players, Tech Box 71 Injector is the best choice to make the gameplay easy for winning.

Without putting any effort you will be able to easily win the game using the cheats and hacks of this application.

The features of Tech Box 71 Injector APK and the options within it will definitely help you win and help you to a great extent. It is a gameplay made for players with this application which will help new players to compete with their competitors, especially with its features.

Within this cheat application you will have all the locked features of the game and to use these features you don’t need to spend anything.  So don’t miss the chance and enhance the gameplay with the premium features of the game.

No player can deny that by using premium features you can do all the things within the game that is impossible for a normal player to do. This is the only reason why players prefer these premium features and want to take their game to a different level by using them.

If you are one of those players who don’t work hard, but if you are eager for success and want to achieve success without hard work, then this application is specially made for you.

So take your time and download this application on your mobile without any hesitation and start using it, the results you will get will be appreciable.

Available Features In Tech Box 71 Injector APK?

There is no shortage of features in this application and here you will find plenty of features. And all these features are used within the game and will be of great use to you.

The list we have made below and the features you see in this list are all features within the application. If you want to add these features to your game then you have to download this application on your mobile.

Menu AIM

  • Aimbot (Head Fix)
  • Aimbot (Long Head)

Menu ESP

  • ESP Name
  • ESP Sizes
  • ESP Mira 1
  • ESP Mira

Menu VIP

  • VIP Dress White
  • Hit Whoukong
  • No Parachute
  • Invisible Gloowall
  • Underwater Car
  • Run in Water
  • Anti-Ban


  • MP40 Location
  • Gloo Location
  • Medkit Location
  • FF Token Location
  • All Loot Location

All these features you will get to use because this application can improve your game even more. If you want to take advantage of all these features, download this application without wasting time and start using it. I am sure that the features it contains will come in handy and make your gameplay even better.

Usage Guidelines Of Tech Box 71 Injector

You can use this application by following the procedure that I am going to tell you to use this application. If you miss one of the points mentioned by us, you will not be able to use this application and you will face problems in using it.

So read our given points carefully and follow the instructions given in them to install it on your mobile and start using it.

  • Directly download the application from our provided link
  • Now you need to allow the permissions from the settings to install the application.
  • By allowing the permissions you can easily install the application on your device.
  • After installing the application open it directly.
  • Allow the permissions that the app is asking for.
  • Now enjoy the features.

This is a simple procedure after which you will be able to install this operation on your mobile. Hope this procedure is understandable to you and all points are understood by you.


Is it free to download and use the tb71 Injector?

It is a free application and any android user can download and use this application for free.

Is there any risk to use this application?

In FF games it is not allowed to use these types of hacks and cheats there is always a risk to using these types of cheat apps. We suggest not using this app on your main ID.

Final Remarks

In 202 Tech Box 71 Injector is the best cheat tool that works perfectly with the new game version. In the market, you will not find any cheat that works with the latest version of the game only a few cheats and hacks are available such as 2Pac gaming Injector and Vs Army 2.0.

You can directly download this application on your mobile phone and take the advantage of all the available features of this application.